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A highly professional, friendly Strata Team. They are always available by phone and email for assistance and support. They offer advice and support with Tradesmen but totally give us the freedom of our choice. They state….it’s our money and they are here to assist us with our choices and to help us get the best for us,because it’s our homes & our money. They are very supportive of our choices in every way.


Kathy Riding

Strata & Community

Joe, thank you very much for your enormous help in this purchase. I really appreciate your patience and sincerity on top of your professionalism in your business. You’ve made my purchase experience very pleasant despite that it is in interstate. Well done!


Evelyn Yung


Hi Alan, just a little something to highlight my appreciation for looking after the unit at Prospect. Granted many would simply say it’s your job, but it has been several years now and you’ve always kept it well on track.
Thank you

Graeme Lacey

Property Management

David, over the past 12 months, I have been privileged to observe you deliver a highly professional standard of informed advice and service, at times in a challenging environment. To date, the positive impact and expertise provided has encompassed many facets of your chosen field, including a knowledge of the relevant act, procedural and insurance issues; along with the ability to engage warmly with people on all levels, and to mediate in an enviably respectful, calm manner.  I look forward to your on-going presence, and uncharacteristically I consider the annual cost, absolute value for money.


Strata & Community

I won’t tell you, I will show you is a great way of describing Louise’s attitude to selling houses. She is professional, dedicated, engaging, honest and trustworthy just note a few of her many qualities! Whether it is from the pit of a Robbie Williams concert or the middle of the night, Louise was there for us. Everything she says she will do, she does and beyond! We had a beautiful house on the market for eighteen months with one agent before we were introduced to Louise. Giving her a chance to show us what she could do, Louise took just three days to sell it. When it comes to selling a property, Louise knows the ins and outs.

Bron & Miro Davis


Our meeting was held this week and for the first time I met Haidee, but she was very impressive with her knowledge and experience. I am not sure if Haidee has been appointed our manager on a permanent basis or not, but I would certainly be happy if that is the case. As Presiding Officer I feel she will be very easy to liaise with.

Dianne - Presiding Officer

Strata & Community

Haidee’s first time conducting Strata 8045 AGM on 15/11/16 and was impressed with the smooth progress through the agenda and appreciated guidance and direction on discussion issues.


Strata Management Client

Strata & Community

Alan Whyatt has been our property manager for the last ten years. We have several properties that range from new brick veneer to 100 year old timber frame maisonettes. Alan has a good knowledge of rental values, the State laws and processes, and maintenance options. We have found Alan very easy to communicate with and discuss any problems that might arise through our investment properties.

He takes care when vetting prospective tenants and then discusses the matter with us so we can decide which tenant we consider to be appropriate for us. He carries out the property inspections with diligence, and if he thinks there is a problem raises the matter promptly with us so that we resolve it jointly with Alan.  If we are away from the State we feel confident that Alan would solve any problems that arose in our best interests.

Alan is competent, reliable,  has practical common sense, willing and easy to work with.  We have every confidence in Alan and are very happy to have him as our Property Manager looking after our investment properties.

Kate & David Guerin

Property Management