Tips and Advice

  • Work closely with your finance company to secure the best loan for your requirements
  • Make sure you know what your needs and wants are, and be aware of your limits
  • Educate yourself about all market and contract terms and conditions
  • Don’t disclose all of your intentions to all other parties
  • Organize a thorough building inspection of the property and be aware of anything major before making an informed decision
  • When you have made decision about a property, we recommend you present a strong offer first time through your agent
  • When making an offer be prepared to close the deal. A 10% deposit is a standard requirement
  • Once the offer is accepted, try to organise a contract as quickly as possible

Use the Property View Mortgage Calculator to organise your finances.


Overseas Buyers

A growing market has seen the number of overseas buyers considering investing into our local market.

Proposed acquisition of developed non-residential commercial real estate is normally approved unless it is deemed contrary to the national interest. Proposed acquisition of residential properties (both vacant land and existing dwellings) which are within the bounds of a resort that the Treasurer has designated as an integrated Tourism Resort are exempt from examination. Proposed acquisition of real estate for development is normally approved subject to the condition that construction begins within 12 months. Foreign invests are normally given approval to buy vacant residential land where construction has commenced.

For more information see the Treasury Website.


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