Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my levy?

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What do I do if I cannot attend a meeting?

A proxy form is provided for your convenience with your agenda along with a reply paid envelope. You can complete the proxy form with your specific instructions, nominating a representative of your choice. (A representative of Adcorp, or another owner known to you can fulfil this roll for you in your absence.) Once completed you can return the proxy in the reply paid envelope, or by email or fax. Ideally, a proxy form should be received no later than 24 hours prior to your AGM.

Click here to download a proxy form

How do I arrange non-urgent maintenance?

If you have a non-urgent maintenance item we would recommend that you email or write to your body corporate manager detailing the maintenance, along with appropriate photographs if required, so that appropriate action be that either commencing a quote process, or arranging for repairs to be completed subject to the relevant authority being obtained. A non-urgent maintenance item may include a blown globe, minor roof leak, leaking taps or general garden maintenance. Should you have any further concerns or seek to clarify specific maintenance, you are welcome to contact your body corporate manager during office hours.

How do I arrange urgent maintenance?

For urgent maintenance items we can be contacted at our office on the telephone numbers provided, or after hours on our emergency 24/7 number 0419 837 004. A list of emergency contractors is provided to all owners along with an outline of what is deemed to reasonably be an urgent maintenance issue.

How do I obtain a copy of the insurance policy of the strata corporation?

We maintain current records of the insurances for all strata and community corporations under our management. You are welcome to contact us at any time during normal office hours should you wish to obtain a copy for your records. This can also be supplied at your annual general meeting. A certificate of currency, commonly required for unit owners refinancing, is different to a copy of the current policy for your corporation. Prior notice of at least one working day is required to obtain this from the insurer.

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