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There may be no such thing as overnight success in Real Estate, however Adcorp has certainly demonstrated rapid growth in the Adelaide market rising from ‘newcomer’ to ‘leader’ in just a few years. Founded by Joe Oppedisano in 1993 Adcorp has built an unrivalled reputation for integrity, energy and continued success. Today Adcorp has established a strong marketing presence in both the Western and Eastern suburbs. More recently, Adcorp has moved into the Body Corporate sector making them Adelaide’s first fully integrated real estate agency specialising in all aspects of Residential and Commercial Sales, Property Management & Body Corporate Management. Managing Director and Auctioneer, Joe Oppedisano brings more than a decade of first rate real estate experience and awards to Adcorp Property Group. Joe worked for a number of other real estate companies where he was awarded top salesperson before establishing Adcorp. In addition he has set numerous record sale prices throughout Adelaide. His success and reputation has come from hard work, determination and enthusiasm. Joe is known for his high energy and commitment to the business. He continually sets his sights high and motivates his team to do the same.


At Adcorp, we view ourselves as a partner with our customers and we constantly strive to achieve win-win situations. Our real estate service extends beyond the listing of properties. We recognise the need to provide extra value to our customers before, during and after your sale. When planning to sell your home, Adcorp can definitely ease the pressure. We offer a diverse range of marketing strategies and work with you to ensure your property creates the impact it requires to achieve the optimum sales result.


It is important that you feel comfortable, and that you have made the right decision when entrusting the management of your investment property. Our expertise, knowledge and genuine care with tenant selection ensures a smooth leasing process. Adcorp’s property management department administrates a substantial property portfolio. Our property managers are dedicated to managing property rentals and acting as the intermediary between landlords and tenants. Our focus is to enable investors to rent a property without hassle and to maximise their investment returns.


Adcorp’s track record in providing specialist knowledge and service is reflected in the fact that we are able to manage residential and commercial property; from prestigious high rise apartments to smaller residential complexes and a range of commercial and industrial properties. We can assist you wherever you are as our team manages corporations in metropolitan, coastal and country regions.

It is important to take on a body corporate manager who can understand all owner’s concerns and be able to provide the management required to achieve the vision owners have for their property and investment. Both owner occupiers and landlords alike expect high standards and also wish to maximise their return. Ongoing maintenance of a building and all common areas is integral to long term capital growth and to obtaining steady rent returns, securing happy tenants and to satisfying owner occupants. Adcorp takes great pride in its services with all matters handled in a professional and prompt manner. Adcorp has a proven ability to align residents and owners under a common vision for the on-going management of their property.

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