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A bond is obtained at the beginning of your lease term for a number of reasons. Firstly it acts as a security deposit against the home you’re renting. This amount is lodged at the Residential Tenancies Branch who holds this amount until the end of your lease. If at the end of your tenancy your expenses are not paid up to date or if the property is not left in a good condition compared to your ingoing inspection report, we may deduct these cost from your bond. This is why it is in your best interest to make sure you take care of the property you are in and report any maintenance issues as soon as they occur.

Reporting Maintenance 

Please make sure you always contact your Property Manager with any maintenance issues that may occur during your tenancy. You may either call (08) 8139 2300 for any urgent issues that need attending to or click here to complete a maintenance request form and your Property Manager will be advised.

Change of tenants 

If you or anyone you’re living with who is on the lease needs to vacate the property for any reason you must always contact your Property Manager in the first instance. To have a name removed from the lease or to add a new person, you will need to complete the Change of Tenant form and send it to your Property Manager. This form will need to have all current tenants, new tenants and tenants vacating sign for it to be valid. For a new tenant to be included on the lease you must also complete a tenancy application form as any new tenant will need to go through the process of past tenancies, references and employment being thoroughly checked and approved by your Property Manager and the properties owner/s.

Break of lease 

If you need to vacate your property sooner than the agreed date that is stated in your Tenancy Agreement, this is classified as a Break Lease. Please always contact your Property Manager to discuss your change of circumstances because in some cases this can be avoided. If you are to go ahead with a break lease then you will be liable for the costs and loss caused to the landlord. This will include a break of lease fee, any advertising that will need to be placed to help find a new tenant and you will also be responsible for paying the rent up until a new tenant moves in or the end of your agreed lease date (whichever comes first).

Change of contact details 

If any of your details have changed, please contact your Property Manager as soon as possible.

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