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Prepare your property for sale 

Clean windows, mirrors, floors & skirting’s. Make sure there are no dishes left in the sink with benchtops and cupboards also given the wipe over. Dust surfaces and remove cobwebs.

Vacuum or wash soft furnishings. Carpets may come up best if they are professionally steam cleaned.

Touch up any paint chips or holes.

Demonstrate that the house provides for ample storage space. Buyers have a tendency to have a quick look in the pantry, kitchen cupboards and the linen closet – so ensure they are kept in order. Walk in robes also need to be organised. The easiest way to get organised and showcase a ‘clutter free home’ is to start packing. This is great preparation for when the house actually sells.

Remove clutter – Less is more 

You only need a few small complementing pieces on display. Start by clearing everything away and look at each piece individually and decide whether it is worth displaying. As a unifying theme tie the colour of these pieces in with the colour scheme of the room and group related items – A collection of blue and white china has greater impact than single pieces scattered at random.

Put away family photographs – Viewers need to imagine themselves in the house and not feel they are intruding into someone’s space.

Take down any posters. You’ll be surprised how much more spacious rooms appear once your remove any posters


While we love our pets – potential purchasers won’t feel the same way. Be aware of animal odors and open windows before inspections. Move food bowls, animal toys and bedding out of sight.

Outside create a welcoming entry point

Invest in new door mats for the front & rear

Get on top of small maintenance issues – Replace any rotten wood, loose decking, unstable hand rails, doors that don’t close properly, dripping taps and flaky/peeling paint. A little spent here can add thousands to the end sale result.

Ensure the garden is tidy & freshly mown. New mulch can easily transform a tired garden bed. Remove any garden tools, shoes or vehicles. If you have a courtyard set up an entertainment area with tables, chairs & umbrella.

Living areas

Re-arrange furniture to create a sense of spaciousness to rooms. Avoid closing in living spaces or blocking windows, doors, fireplaces and walkways. Too much furniture will detract from the property and make the room feel smaller and less inviting. Your best option may be to remove large pieces of furniture from the room or bring in smaller pieces which make better use of the space.

Windows can make or break a room. No curtains may present better then drab falling apart drapes or misfit curtains that are too short.

Dark rooms can be instantly transformed into light and bright living spaces. Replace globes with higher wattage lights, or for a gentler ambience add some accent lighting with table or floor lamps. The right balance will add interest and depth to a space.

Flowers can add enormously to any room – Introduce fresh blooms or add some potted colour.  Once again colour is all important – pick a flower colour which is the same or ties in with the unifying colour for the room.

‘6 star style’ – without lifting a tile 

Avoid making bathroom displays of shampoo bottles, lotions, toothbrushes and old soaps. Either clear the clutter into a drawer or minimize mess by storing bathroom bits in matching containers.

Add five star hotel glamour with plump and rolled fresh towels, a few plain candles, and fresh soaps.

Kitchen benchtops also need to be cleared of clutter. Put kitchen utensils, appliance and cutting boards away. Leave only a few select items on display.

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